Today we all hear words like transformation, advancements, and recreation in business. Have you ever wondered what companies meant by saying such words? The answer is one key message which is ‘Bringing Business Transformation’.

In this fast-moving world, the old yet conventional method of conducting business is fading away. The primary reason is the evolving technologies through which consumers are becoming more demanding.

Companies have realized the importance of upbringing advancement and modification in their current processes to cultivate the trend of inventing new concepts.

The whole transformation starts by rebuilding the internal environment of workplaces, company cultures, encouraging every employee to share their vision of transformation. …

Life is not all sunshine and rainbows; we often need to survive rain to enjoy the warmth of the sun and appreciate the colors of the rainbow. Real-life experiences include a good deal of highs and lows. When we are soaring high, we tend to forget the lows, and when we are hit down by circumstances, we fail to recognize that there can be a way out.

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Troubles and challenges keep striking a person like gusts of winds, and to climb up; we need to have a firm grip to anchor us and keep us moving. Circumstances never stay the same; it all comes down to how we deal with times like these. …

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In the early years of college and university, young adults are enthusiastic about enjoying their college lives to the full. They have so many options while choosing their career once they are graduated. As soon as graduation is near and their bubble is about to burst, they see the challenges that they are about to face in their practical life. The first challenge they face is to get out of the perplexity of choosing a suitable career that adds value to their life by providing them self-satisfaction and financial stability.

Out of all the available options that fresh graduates have, they are often confused about whether to opt for consultancy or full-time employment. This confusion is not limited to only fresh graduates but troubles most of the people already doing their job as full-time employees or as consultants. The confusion arises from the difference like the benefits offered by them. Both provide monetary benefits, and both of them can bring self-satisfaction depending on the individual’s interests. …


Naveed Ramzan

Enabler, eCommerce/Healthcare, Idea Transformation, Training&Development, Consultancy [PHP | Agile | ITIL]

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