Managing Difficult Times

Naveed Ramzan
5 min readJul 30, 2020


Life is not all sunshine and rainbows; we often need to survive rain to enjoy the warmth of the sun and appreciate the colors of the rainbow. Real-life experiences include a good deal of highs and lows. When we are soaring high, we tend to forget the lows, and when we are hit down by circumstances, we fail to recognize that there can be a way out.

Troubles and challenges keep striking a person like gusts of winds, and to climb up; we need to have a firm grip to anchor us and keep us moving. Circumstances never stay the same; it all comes down to how we deal with times like these. Challenges are part of life, and it’s an art to face them without losing your hope and confidence.

The following are some essential tips that I found useful in managing a difficult time.

Stay Positive in the situation

No matter what the situation is and how hard it feels to get through it, staying positive is the key. Thinking positive even in the worst of times gives strength to a person to survive through hard times and see the gifts life has to offer next.

People who tend to think negatively create a toxic environment for themselves and the people around them. They fail to enjoy their happiest moments and find something to worry about even in their carefree time.

On the other hand, people who stay positive, find a reason to smile even in the most challenging situation, they can seek a solution to their problems rationally and can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Control the controllable

It is the greatest dilemma that a person tries to gain control of every aspect

of his life. He juggles through controlling what it is in his approach and also what is unapproachable.

Learn the art of compartmentalization, focus your energies on the aspects that are under your control. For example, if you miss out on important tasks during the day, plan your day according to your tasks and allocate ample time for each activity.

You cannot gain control of time, but you can control how you spend your time.

Don’t worry about the things you cannot control

Often when we struggle to gain control of our life, we forget that not

everything is under our control. We have limited control over our lives, and we can only change things that are under control.

Most people are let down because of their expectations, as they expect to gain control over everything, and when they fail to do so, they are depressed. Identify your authority and focus on the things you can have control over.

Stop worrying over the circumstances that you cannot control, let the time unfold, and sit back with optimism.


Today, we are so busy meeting others’ expectations, making ourselves

worthy of other people’s attention, and struggling to get their satisfaction.

We forget that no one in this world is permanent, and it is not in the human capacity to make everyone happy and keep them satisfied.

The most important identity that helps a person is going on with life no matter what the situation is, himself. As long as he can find self-satisfaction, he can endure any trial and tribulation.

Slow down the pace

People often put themselves in a difficult situation by deciding their

timeline by comparing to other people of their age or to older people based on the standards they want to achieve for themselves.

You need to reconsider your pace, slow down, take a breath. You are not supposed to have everything by the time you are 22.

Every person has a different timeline for his achievements.

Slow down your pace, take one step at a time, and rushing through things will make you fall on your face.

Create contingencies

Creating contingencies helps you get out of a problematic time rationally as

you start to think about possibilities and future opportunities.

Creating contingency plans restricts a person from feeling clueless and trapped in a situation.

It allows a person to devise a list of solutions for an existing problem and helps to prepare a person to fight a stressful situation.

You can take the following actions to survive a troublesome situation

Take a step back

Avoid rushing through things, and don’t take hasty decisions to get yourself out of trouble. Instead, take a step back, think through all your options and make an informed decision by considering the consequences of that decision.

Focus on the ground rules

Converge your abilities on the ground rules of life to get through any difficult time.

Be positive, let go of the resentment, accept your flaws, forgive yourself, be optimistic, and celebrate your unique personality to support yourself in difficult times without depending on anyone else.

Address Assumptions

Address your assumptions before you take them for a fact. Sometimes we make hasty and generalized assumptions based on some previous experiences.

It is essential to analyze your assumptions about a particular situation or plan independent of your past experiences. Do not act according to your assumptions hastily without assessing their authenticity.

Value Creation activities

It would be best if you took out time for productive activities. Occupy yourself with activities that add value to your life.

Increase your productivity by investing time in activities that have a positive impact on your life.

Learn new skills, perform activities that suit your interest, and move away from activities that play no part in improving your experience.

Performance in Time

Time is the most valuable asset one can have in this life. The value gained from this asset is dependent on how well you use it.

Maximize your productivity in the fixed amount of time that everyone has. The real difference is made by the people who use it efficiently.

Time your activities and improve your performance to take control of the controllable successfully.

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