Managing Difficult Times

Stay Positive in the situation

No matter what the situation is and how hard it feels to get through it, staying positive is the key. Thinking positive even in the worst of times gives strength to a person to survive through hard times and see the gifts life has to offer next.

Control the controllable

Don’t worry about the things you cannot control


Slow down the pace

Create contingencies

Take a step back

Avoid rushing through things, and don’t take hasty decisions to get yourself out of trouble. Instead, take a step back, think through all your options and make an informed decision by considering the consequences of that decision.

Focus on the ground rules

Converge your abilities on the ground rules of life to get through any difficult time.

Address Assumptions

Address your assumptions before you take them for a fact. Sometimes we make hasty and generalized assumptions based on some previous experiences.

Value Creation activities

It would be best if you took out time for productive activities. Occupy yourself with activities that add value to your life.

Performance in Time

Time is the most valuable asset one can have in this life. The value gained from this asset is dependent on how well you use it.



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Naveed Ramzan

Naveed Ramzan

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