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Naveed Ramzan
5 min readJul 30, 2020

In the early years of college and university, young adults are enthusiastic about enjoying their college lives to the full. They have so many options while choosing their career once they are graduated. As soon as graduation is near and their bubble is about to burst, they see the challenges that they are about to face in their practical life. The first challenge they face is to get out of the perplexity of choosing a suitable career that adds value to their life by providing them self-satisfaction and financial stability.

Out of all the available options that fresh graduates have, they are often confused about whether to opt for consultancy or full-time employment. This confusion is not limited to only fresh graduates but troubles most of the people already doing their job as full-time employees or as consultants. The confusion arises from the difference like the benefits offered by them. Both provide monetary benefits, and both of them can bring self-satisfaction depending on the individual’s interests.

According to my observations, working in a consultancy firm have a different impact on your life and the activities that you choose to do; on the other hand, doing a full-time job leads to different life choices and activities. My findings suggest that

When you choose to go for a consultancy job

You can expect the following outcomes by choosing a career path involving your services as a consultant

It is better to manage life around work rather than managing work around life

Working as a consultant gives you the ease of getting free time for yourself and your family. Due to flexible working hours, you have to work all day while on the others you are done with your job in just a few hours. It allows you to manage your job with other life activities rather than making time for life with your job.

Good Compensation

Consultants having a graduate degree or higher don’t offer their services at a low rate. We have often come across this quote “if you are good at something, never do it for free.” Yes, if you are good at giving advice, then know your worth. If you are good at what you do, you can have a career that offers you high monetary returns.

Freedom to choose your work schedule

Making a career as a consultant provides you with the leverage of working according to your timetable. You can be providing consultancy services to a different firm, and you can manage meetings with them at the time that suits you the best. You are not confined in the four walls of an office cabin. You can schedule your meetings on call while attending an important family gathering or can make the business plan for your firm while working from home when you are sick.

Manage time for volunteer services

If you choose to offer your services as a consultant, you can take out time to volunteer for different activities according to your interests. You can volunteer at various events or be a part of different projects that allows you to expand your horizon. These volunteer activities not only add to your resume but also increase your experience.

Keep in view these factors before deciding on pursuing a full-time job

When you choose to work full time with a company as a fresh graduate or you are moving from consultancy to a full-time job, you can expect the following prospects before taking the final decision.

Time Constraints

In full-time employment, be ready to work as a corporate slave who works from 9 to 5 or 8 to 8 at the fixed timings. You cannot have the liberty to choose your working hours and have to go with your employer’s orders. On the one hand, it can make your life dreary, but on the other hand, it takes away a load of work outside the office. You can spend your time with your family without any office call disturbing your family time. In this way, you can keep your corporate life and personal life separate.

Be ready to have the same routine every day

Having a full-time job leaves you with no choice but to work according to a fixed schedule. You have to plan all your life activities around your work schedule. You cannot have a coffee with your friend at four if your job lets you off at 5. Most employers give the liberty of choosing the option of work from home only a fixed amount of time in a year. You can expect a pay cut on an additional day off from work. Waking up every day at a fixed time and sleeping at a set time every day helps organize life, but it can be very exhausting sometimes.

Less time for other activities

After a full day at work, you are left with only a few hours to give to your family, which leaves no time for yourself. Having a full-time job leaves less time for you to enjoy other activities, and often, you are left with no energy to carry out any activities after an exhausting day of work. With full-time employment, it is difficult for you to volunteer at different events and projects, limiting your experience.

Less Job Insecurity

One of the things that attract job seekers to pursue a full-time job is job security. Unlike consultancy, when you are hired at a full-time job, you are not expected to offer your services on a contract basis or project-wise, so you have less job insecurity. It also allows you to have experience in a different department and work on multiple projects while working for the same company. People going for a full-time job have the ease of getting their fixed payment on a fixed day, which allows them to manage their finances accordingly. Working on project-basis creates uncertainty about your future earnings. You can either earn a lot from some projects or nothing if you are not offered any project. You are on a safe side while working on a full-time job.



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